What exactly is graphic design?

Everywhere you look, graphic design is all around you. The technical definition of graphic design states that it is the art of visual communication through the use of text, images, symbols, and artwork.

Graphic Design is not just about making pretty pictures, it’s so much more. It’s about understanding a message and using a combination of research, creativity, and media, to convey that message in a way that is both aesthetically and functionally balanced.

There are 3 basic elements what makes the design great. The F3 rule, which stands for Form, Feeling, and Function.
Form refers to the aesthetic part of the design. The design must be visually appealing to the audience with the good color palette and well thought out typography.
Felling of the design is the message. If there is a consistent mood that design offers, and if whether or not that mood evokes the proper emotional response from the intended audience.
Function refers to whether or not design serves it’s intended purpose. For example, if it’s being easy to read and understand, and also if the form is executable within the given medium in which it is to be presented, or will this typeface work on this packaging design.

Well, can graphic design change the world? Yes, it can! It does in the way by creating an aesthetically functional design can help make a company more successful. The real point of this is to help others succeed, to make other individual or company’s life easier to sell a product or communicate the idea.

It is important to understand there is an actual process and which must be taken step by step. We can’t jump into something without the great idea and its execution, and it takes time and a good research.