Brand Strategy - creating the definition of your brand.

The brand strategy defines what you stand for, the promise your brand takes, and the personality your brand conveys. Your brand strategy must be a single source of objective truth, guiding decisions that inform the creation of all the daily experiences that customers, prospects, and employees have with the brand. Branding isn’t just about logos and symbols, or about perceptions and opinions only. A successful brandings strategy is about the relationship.

Every successful branding strategy consists of common elements to build and maintain a relationship of trust with customers.

Vision: why are you in business?
Your vision statement tells employees and customers who you are and what your purpose is. Most vision statements are modeled based on a value proposition. A value proposition is the brand’s North Star that informs everything from recruiting to the product development roadmap.

Consistent Message: what are you saying about your business?
Consistency is about the branding elements found in your business’ logos, design, words used in your marketing materials, and more. Above all, it’s about all the positioning statements that form the pieces of your message working seamlessly together to build your brand voice.

Extending Brand throughout the Company: who are you and your employees?
A style guide is a great start to ensuring consistent communications. Make sure everyone in your company is fully aware of your brand and understands how to talk to customers to convey it. They are your de facto marketing team, and all great brands are made stronger with the support of the employees.

Emotional Connection: where is your brand most powerful?
The most potent emotional triggers are those which arouse sympathy, give people a sense of belonging and make their lives easier. Ask the question, How does the world look from your customer’s perspective and help your customers come to the realization on their own that you are the right service and person for them. Your brand voice becomes the conduit for your brand story.